Who We Are

New Paltz Rentals is a rental property management company that handles 6 rental locations within walking distance of the college of New Paltz.

The properties’ close location to the Downtown area allows tenants to have quick access to other local amenities such as Main Street, Grocery Stores, and Laundromats.

Students can walk to school throughout the year without having to worry about parking or other car issues during the winter months.

Additional details are available for each house upon request.

All Rental Properties

All the houses we have available for rent to college students in close proximty to the New Paltz College.

19 South Oakwood Terrace

60 South Manheim Boulevard

21 South Oakwood Terrace

53 South Chestnut Street

5 North Manheim Boulevard

23 South Manheim Boulevard

Google Map shows all the house locations, and all are within walking distance.

Locations for all the houses in Google Maps


To Request, a viewing of the house please go to the contacts tab and send us an email or call.

All of the houses have leases that cover the entire house, so no sub-leasing of the premises is allowed.

You can also fill in a Rental Application to beat the rush for next year. ( The management team accepts leases in Jan-Feb for the following year, leases run June to May for the new year, also existing tenants get first right of refusal if Landlord approves)

Below are the vendors we use for Town Water, Central Hudson for Electric and Natural gas, and Upstate Energy for propane/Oil.

Location for Water and housing departments
Contact Central Hudson About Electric issues/power outages
Contact for Garbage Pickup

Rental Application

Currently taking applications for the 23-24 School year.

Please complete this form in its entirety and return it along with a scanned copy of your driver’s license. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

We will contact you within 3-5 business days if any information is missing and confirm if the application is still valid

The application does not guarantee a rental and only puts you on a waiting list, confirmation via email and the phone will verify the acceptance of the application.